If you like reading the thoughts of an angry, angry australian man, look no further. http://angryaussie.wordpress.com

In all seriousness, at times I feel like watching his videos on YouTube and reading his blog is like he is reading my freaking mind.

Anyway, he just mentioned something that I think would be a great challenge- 1 blog every day for 365 days.  It’s going to be a challenge, but I am willing to make a go of it.

Angry 365 Days a Year

This is absurdly hard to write.

In short, I have the nagging suspicion that I’m doing myself a disservice by not maintaining this blog. It hasn’t been my main focus for a couple of years (as the distinct lack of posting shows) But the fact that I’ve had more success with it than I would have dreamed possible makes me think I’m in danger of throwing away something valuable. My motivation to even do something as simple as post my videos here has been very low and every time I make a start at re-vivifying this blog I lose steam and give up.

I’ve considered starting from scratch with Tumblr but what would be the point of that? While Tumblr is the trendy thing now, it’s nothing more than a delivery method. There’s very little that Tumblr can do that I can’t do here on this blog (correct me if…

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