In case you have been living under a rock for the last month, This douchebag was convicted of shooting and killing a kid that was walking home after going to the store. His excuse for shooting the kid was because he was wearing a hoodie and looked suspicious…

But its not him I am mad with. Yes, he did a horrible thing, he killed an innocent young kid for no real reason.

My anger lies with the American court and law system.

Lets start with the Law… Florida, has the so called stand-your-ground law. what this means, is that under the legislation everyday citizens can use deadly force against someone else if they fear for their life. The laws also say people do not have to retreat if threatened or attacked.

This means that you have the legal right to shoot someone, pureley because you fear for your life. This law is ridiculous, and as seen today, very easy to abuse. Who ever designed this law deserves to be shot for their stupidity. 

Now lets talk about this particular court… so today, Zimmerman was released on bail. The judge set bail at $150,000 and the conditions for Zimmerman include wearing an electronic monitoring device, no guns, no alcohol and he must observe a strict curfew.  What a crock of shit.

HE MURDERED A CHILD. What fucking planet do these people live on where they think that he is not a threat? This is exactly why I will never, EVER visit america. your all fucking loopy.

I am just waiting for the next bullitin where he breaks the terms of his bail… hopefully, for the sake of another kid, it will just be somthing minor. then they can through this bastard into some deep dark hole.