Its true. Of all the messed up places in the world, this is by far the worst. I could not think of a place that I would rather not be right now, and as I say this, I wish I was. I wish there was somthing I could do to help those poor people over there escape from the corrupt government destroying them from the inside out.

The UN have finally decided to send a observer mission into syria. oh how too little to late for the poeple who have died trying to escape from this mess.

I recently saw a news article where they said that a bus full of women and children were trying to flee the country and were shot dead by a group of government troops.

I went red with rage. This shit has to stop. what the fuck is the world doing? why are we sitting here just letting this happen?

Obviously there is nothing I would love more then to see Mr Assad dragged into the streets of Syria and torn limb from bloody limb, but you know who I really hate in this whole thing?

The UN. once again they are pussy footing around and not really doing anything constructive to help the country.

Get your asses in there, Kill Ass face and his band of fuckwits, and help restore some form of order.