So, today being friday, I decided to sit down with a glass of Jim Beam small batch and figure out what step to take next.


What proceeded was the ultimate design of what I want the FS to look like…


I apologise for the crappy picture, but it gives you the rough idea.

so lets break it down a bit. starting at the top, immediately above the flight controls is a flat panel…so I can sit monitors on it until I can organise a projector.

On the right had side is where my Ipad will sit… I will get to why I am putting the Ipad there later.

Underneath all that the floor is recessed, for the rudder pedals.

I am thinking ill just use a car seat, I’ll go look in a junk yard for a cheap one.



So thats about it for now, please feel free to use my picture to help you design your own craft!