So last night I had my first Wing Chun lesson with NQ wing Chung Kung Fu Association (NQWCKFA).

I am sore, I have multiple bruises, but I feel good. I now that what I have learned last night actually works, as they practice for real world situations… Hence the bruises. I will be going back for more.

Onto other news I heard that Ryan Dunn passed away yesterday after being involved in a serious MVA after a night of drinking. this just goes to show that drinking and driving dont mix. You will be missed and you went out the way people will remember you-
A Jackass.

For my empire avenue readers my shares continue to rise, remember that if you support my blog, share it with your friends and rate and such your dividends from me go up! its a win win people!

Now I would lie to announce my insider trading section, where I will tell you about companies on the rise on empire avenue.
keep your eyes on TRTG (the red thing games) their shares are skyrocketing and they have a cult following. they are bound to go up!

Also as always Pirillo is a sound investment, and everyone feels he will be the first to reach 300 eaves per share. buy him!

another player who is having a slight slump at the moment is Intel. dont let that discourage you new buyers- they will bounce back and will rise in value!

well, thats all from me today. Have a great day and tell me what you think of my new blogs format, things that you want to read and such.