So, in the past 72 hours I have been promoted to the position of senior manager on empire avenue. This title means that my plan is working, my investments are working for me.

The stock exchange in many ways is like a battlefield. We win some, and we lose some. We must remember that we are not here to make nice. We are here to do a job, which is to get rich. The richer you are, the more you can invest into your business, ie your investors.

One does not become rich by holding dead weight. If a share falls in value for longer then a day or two, sell it. Buy them back when they look like coming back up.

Now what I just said is going to annoy a lot of members of the community, who feel that its “unloyal” to sell shares and that they must be held onto. This however, lowers your own value, therefore devaluing the shares that your investors have bought into you, thereby devaluing them, spreading like a cancer, from one stock holder to the next, until the entire market collapses. We do not want a crash. We want to crush. We do this by paying respect to the first rule of the game- buy low, sell high.

The next most inportant thing to remember is to never put your eggs in one basket. Sure, i have over 170 shares in chris pirillo, the most expensive shares on the market- but I also spread a lot of cash to a lot of other spots.

People will hate my approach. They will call me evil and will try to tell people that my plan is not appropriate, that this is a friendly social game. Well, to those people I say I play my way. The game. Your losing it.